Kart chassis options...



As of 2013, we have two chassis options available to purchase for kart racing use. Both are built to the same high quality from 30/32mm tubing and as of 2013 run a common set of components. Both meet all required MSA standards. Both are priced as full rolling chassis (engines supplied separately) excluding VAT.

Chassis supply can be organised by contacting the team directly (click "Contact" above for details).

GMS X30 (2013 Edition) - 2,795
The original GMS chassis, designed and developed by the works team.

GMS TG14 - 2,375
Modified Gillard TG14 chassis, supplied by Gillard karts before being retrofitted to GMS requirements at the team's Kent base.

Both chassis options come fully equipped with:

CIK Homologated Brake System
CIK Homologated Bodywork 
2013 GMS style body kit
Lightweight Blue GMS suede flat top steering wheel
50mm Axle, floating brake disc system
Adjustable castor and camber
Adjustable steering column position
Tillett Kart Seat
Detachable 9 Litre Fuel Tank
Adjustable ride height front and rear
Angled Steering Boss
25mm Stub Axles
3 Seat Stays